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Salient Features

The school continuously contributes best practices from other global distinguished institutions and provides numerous opportunities to students to learn distant languages and culture while preserving Indian values.

          A determined effort is made to provide an innovative, compassionate and dignified environment, transforming each student into righteous human being, proud Indians and highly successful global citizen.

          From kindergarten onwards, students are motivated to appreciate and value the unique qualities of their schoolmates, teachers, families and communities at large.Subject are through fully graded and diligently integrated so as to better reinforce the association between the lessons learned. Classroom materials is customized to the development needs of children of all age groups. Children’s are equipped with various tools to be able to master tough academic challenges including languages, math’s, social science, literature and science. Moreover,our worldwide focus gears students to tackle bigger challenges beyond the curriculum.

  1. PLJCS encourages technology based learning through partnership with Educomp.

  2. Special activities follow the lessons taught for a better in sight and to cultivate a keen interest in the curriculum.

  3. Special time slots and innovating teaching methods allow the slow learner to overcome their areas of weakness and gain confidence to achieve better result.


PLJCS believe that physical fitness is the key to learning process. The school encourages a variety of sports to keep children competitive and have team spirit. The outdoor soccer courts,basketball and badminton courts and skating facility along with expert coaches,give them plenty of opportunity to learn and participate in variety of sports.These sports activities develop the fine and gross motor skills of Montessori children and also contribute for the enhancement of their physical development,team spirit sharing and caring nature and their general health and fitness.Each session includes warm up, floor exercise, sports routine leading to their physical fitness and well being. Children enjoy these exercise which are in structure format and the wide variety offered help to build coordination,balance, confidence and sense of achievement.


We must help the child to liberate himself from his defects without making him feel his weakness.


PLJCS provides children with a truly holistic education while ensuring they have joyful childhood. Our campus provides a perfect blend of modern amenities and natural surroundings that are ideal for learning and exploration. Dedicated and talented faculty who challenge, inspire and nurture, a carefully planned curriculum and customized extra-curricular activities helps in child’s all round development.