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Girls Zonal Games Position

Boys Zonal Games Position


The say “well begun is half done” we here as PLJCS strongly believe and practice this adage. Our morning assemblies are power packed 20 minute capsule encapsulating a variety of programmes beginning with the headlines at 8 a.m. followed by thought, provoking “thought for the day” which remains in the minds of the children the whole day.

          We also get richer by the day by adding a new word into our world bank, staying true to our theme for this term “good manners” the morning assembly is the right and apt time to reiterate and reinforce the importance of good manners as we feel teaching good manners is teaching character.

          The atrium of our school resonates with the chanting of Gayatri Mantras and stress on good manners and personality development ensuring that we stay firmly grounded to our root and culture. The invigorating morning assembly concludes with an inspiring short talk on various aspects of personality development like good manners discipline, cleanliness, talking to elders or cross-cultural ties.

          It’s a great pleasure to watch all the classes battle it out with each other to make each one’s assembly.“The most enlightening and interesting one, Thus the best time of the whole day comes to an end on a energetic and foot tapping Kadam –Taal” of our energetic and robust students who move back to their classes having sub conscious by imbibed a considerate and loving way of treating people that will help them to become Gentlemen/Gentle Ladies rather than only men/women

Creative Corner:

Creativity in a human being is dormant. The potential in every child must be realized and nurtured and it is the duty of the school to do so. The activity block offers activities like music,dance and Art & Craft. All these efforts contribute towards making learning not just enjoyable for the child but also give a scope to widen their horizon.

Yogic Harmony

Yogic instruction from an early age brings harmony to the restless minds. Concentration and unison of thought within a compressed time frame is what we aim through this discipline.


Healthy body in a Healthy mind

          Sports department is well equipped with all the necessary equipment of indoor and outdoor activities,coaches are national achievers, they enhance the innate potential from  childhood and mobilize in them team and winning spirit. A well laid cricket pitch, lawn tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts are an added attraction to the sprawling campus, indoor games like carom, chess, table tennis further supplant the robust development of students.


Teaching defensive skills at the hour of need is what PLJCS fosters. Different forms of shotokan and bodokan and other forms of karate are taught in this institute. The excellence cultivated is seen with medals and awards won by the students.